Dr. Marcia Anderson DeCoteau
Strong Principled Leadership


Dr. Ian Whetter MD CCFP

“I support Dr. Marcia Anderson DeCoteau as the choice for the next President of the CMA. She has clearly articulated her intention to focus on the following four areas:

1. Amplifying the voice of the CMA as the collective voice of Canada’s physicians to strengthen the publicly funded health care system.

2. Enhancing the engagement of physicians individually and collectively in advocacy on the upstream determinants of health.

3. Building environments that support physician health and wellness

4. Increasing the role of the CMA in Indigenous Health

I work as a Medical Program Advisor for the J. A. Hildes Northern Medical Unit and as a family doctor in a University of Manitoba academic teaching clinic in inner city Winnipeg serving mostly Indigenous, new immigrant and transgender patients. Like many of my colleagues across the country working with similar populations, I see the daily struggles of my patients against socially constructed barriers to accessing the optimal conditions for health. Dr. Anderson Decoteau’s guidance and support have helped me to frame my care delivery in a way that destigmatizes patient struggles. Recognizing the impact of colonization, racism and other interlocking systems of oppression on my patients, allows me to support them in choosing their best path to health, while standing alongside them as we name and confront oppressive social forces.

Dr. Anderson Decoteau is a powerful bridge builder across the chasms between primary and tertiary care, Community and Facility-based medicine, and Indigenous and non-indigenous communities. With Dr. Anderson Decoteau’s leadership, I am hopeful that the CMA could support all of us on a path toward high quality, equitable care for everyone in Canada.”

Marcia Anderson