Dr. Marcia Anderson DeCoteau
Strong Principled Leadership


Dr. Michael EK Moffat MD MSc FRCPC

Marcia Anderson DeCoteau will be a breath of fresh air as President of the CMA. As one of a growing (but still too small) number of physicians of Indigenous heritage, I see her as a strong voice for improved care and access for Indigenous people in this country. The CMA is one important professional body that needs to have the conversation about how to make this happen. We have a lot of work to do eliminating racism in our own professional ranks, but how we behave can have a strong influence on the national dialogue. Marcia speaks openly, rationally and with conviction about these issues.

Her training in both Internal Medicine and Public Health are also vital backgrounds as she understands and is fully committed to prevention, but she also understands the needs of physicians and the workings of the health care system. I have found her to be a leader who is both knowledgeable and a good communicator. I fully support her nomination as CMA President.”

Marcia Anderson