Dr. Marcia Anderson DeCoteau
Strong Principled Leadership


Melinda J. Fowler MD, CCFP, CPSM, DC, B.Sc.N

As an Indigenous physician practicing in primary health care settings, I am elated to write a letter of support for Dr. Marcia Anderson. I remember attending my first Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada (IPAC) conference the year I started undergraduate medicine and Dr. Anderson was then president. Dr. Anderson became and continues to be my role model since that day.

Dr. Anderson shows an infectious passion from many people especially the First Nations/Inuit/Metis peoples of Canada. She understands how all the social determinants of health including racism impacts patients, families, and communities and leads to public health issues. In order to interrupt this continual pattern of inequitable health care, we need to see change in current policies and regulations. I believe that Dr. Anderson is the person to lead the change and to stop the parasitic effects of this current system. Dr. Anderson has peacekeeping qualities which is a very powerful tool when trying to engage all the necessary stakeholders. These qualities oftentimes lead her to unite the western and traditional worlds. Dr. Anderson brings a broad and unique perspective to all conversations and forums and offers an innovative way to promote health by unleashing and utilizing available resources in a much more effective way.

Dr. Anderson emanates and prioritizes health and wellness in her own life. Dr. Anderson ensures that culture and physical fitness is a part of her personal, family and colleagues lives thus strengthening the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being of herself and those around her. I fully endorse Dr. Anderson for CMA president.

Marcia Anderson