Dr. Marcia Anderson DeCoteau
Strong Principled Leadership


Adrienne Morrow

Marcia is a leader in advocating for system-level improvement in health and healthcare. While addressing the inequities in Indigenous Health outcomes are a priority, using her training in Public Health and Internal Medicine, she is skilled in bringing people together with differing backgrounds to address health issues that affect the whole population. Working with her for several years, I can attest that she her skills in collaboration are outstanding.

Marcia would bring a balanced perspective to the role of CMA president Her clinical training in Internal Medicine and clinical work focusing on cardiology, combined with her Public Health training and leadership role at the WRHA in Public Health, situates her firmly in both the clinical context and Public Health level. She has demonstrated over the years the need for high quality clinical care for all patients, and working to change the system to achieve that. While understanding the challenges and complexity of a vision of health equity for all in Manitoba, she also has demonstrated the fundamental importance of striving for physician wellness and development to achieve these goals.

Marcia Anderson