Dr. Marcia Anderson DeCoteau
Strong Principled Leadership


Leveraging influence to advance population health


Amplifying the collective voice of Canada’s physicians to strengthen the publicly funded health care system.

Physicians have the knowledge and skills to evaluate the current use of our limited resources and provide potential strategies to reduce waste, develop and test innovative solutions using existing and new technologies, and prioritize programs and services that would have the greatest impact on population health.



Increasing the role of the CMA in Indigenous health.

The 2016 CMA GC had Indigenous health as part of a dialogue on emerging issues. The time is right for the CMA to assume a leadership role in the public dialogue on this issue, as we have with elder care, end of life care and other complex issues in the past. With my experience as the President of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada and extensive relationships with people working in Indigenous health, I am uniquely positioned to help the CMA build relationships and actively support First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples’ aspirations for their own health.



Enhancing the engagement of physicians in advocacy on the upstream determinants of health.

The WHO report on Social Determinants of Health called on us to close the gaps in health with specific and timely actions. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada called on us to see that the gaps in Indigenous Health are related to policy decisions, and to take measures to close these gaps. We certainly need to work within the health care system to do this, but also to use our knowledge and skills to advocate for environments that give everyone a fair shot at the highest standard of health.



Building environments that support physician health and wellness.

Patient care is at its best when we arrive at work healthy and well. Across the system we need policy and contractual environments that support physicians to choose a practice that fits their whole life experience while maintaining or enhancing patient-centered care.